Weelkes, Thomas

Weelkes, Thomas
   English composer and organist from Elsted Sussex, one of the finest composers of English madrigals. In addition to madrigals, he wrote anthems and services, and he is noted for his word painting, lively rhythms, and highly developed sense of form and structure. He also wrote music for virginal, viol, and organ. He was appointed organist at Winchester College, Hampshire, in 1598, and in 1602, organist at Chichester Cathedral, Sussex, the same year in which he graduated with a B.Mus. degree from New College, Oxford University. He fell foul of the cathedral authorities at Chichester for drunkenness and bad language on numerous occasions and was briefly dismissed in 1617, but he managed to retain the post until his death at a friend's house in London. Some of his publications: Madrigals for 3, 4, 5, and 6 Voices, 1597. Balletts and Madrigals to Five Voices, 1598. Madrigals of 5 and 6. Parts to Viols and Voices, 1600. Ayeres or Phantasticke Spirites for Viols and Voices, 1608. Some of his songs/poems: "Fara Diddle Dyno," "Cease Sorrows Now," "Come Sirrah Jack Ho," "The Ape, the Monkey, and Baboon."
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